Software Development Services

Choose our software engineering services to either augment your software development capacity on a temporary basis or delegate entire development projects to us.

We offer assistance to your projects in the following ways:

  • Complete specification and implementation of your development project, starting from scratch.
  • Supplementing your project by implementing specific components or functionalities within the application.
  • Continued software development and maintenance for your ongoing projects.
  • Expertise in integrating Qt/QML and C++.
  • Refactoring and back-porting code to Qt
  • Migrating MFC application to Qt.
  • Porting software applications to 64 bit Windows, 64 bit Linux PC and 64 bit ARM SDKs
  • Integrating and optimizing third-party open source libraries. 
  • Integrating MySQL/MariaDB connectors/ODBC/freetds/PostgreSQL for database support in HMI software.
  • Add LDAP/Active directory support using open LDAP
  • Assisting with User Interface (UI) design
  • Digital signing of files with certificates for projects
  • Design and implementing encryption support for projects
  • Logging automation data from PLC controllers of plants in different databases and cloud.
  • Containerized application development using docker